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Why should my warming cabinet PC board be pre-programmed?

Warming cabinets need constant monitoring to ensure they run smoothly and preserve the contents inside. We have found that the fan motor and PC board are the two most common parts replaced in most warming cabinets. (Click HERE to learn why you should replace your fan motor every two years.) The fan motor is a vital part of the cabinet and must always be in good running order. The PC board also has a crucial role in ensuring that the cabinet is kept at the right temperature, even if all other parts are functioning.  

Although PC boards are commonly replaced, they are not plug-and-play like fan motors.  The PC boards must be programmed precisely to the model of the cabinet they will be in. Without the programming, the cabinet could underheat or overheat the contents depending on the size and capability of the cabinet. When fluids are stored in the cabinet, this is especially concerning. 


If fluid cabinets are warmed to the incorrect temperature, it can lead to unnecessary disposal of contents or potentially rendering the fluids inert. In addition, if IV fluids are stored in an environment that is too hot, it can result in the bag materials leaking into the fluids.  


To ensure there are no hiccups for our customers when installing the board, we program all boards before they leave our warehouse. We match the serial number of your cabinet to the exact programming required for the chamber size. This will allow for a simple replacement and the assurance that your cabinet will be kept at the right temperature.  


Need a manual to help install the board? No problem! We also have a knowledge base loaded with manuals, IFU’s and how-to videos to assist in the repair. Click HERE to view ‘controller board replacement.’