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Canadian Health Care
Furniture & Equipment

More hospitals and clinics are turning to Stat Medical for
affordable healthcare furniture and equipment in Canada.
Serving customers since 2001, our experienced product
specialists will respond quickly and take the time to ensure
you buy the right equipment the first time. Plus, we offer
exceptional clinical understanding of your requirement to
ensure you get the most from your investment.

The most innovative solutions for
your medical and surgical equipment
and supply needs.

Stat Medical prides itself on delivering the most innovative solutions for your medical and surgical equipment and supply needs. With dozens of years of experience specifically in medical equipment, supplies and services, our experts have the clinical insight to guide you to the right solution, so you don't waste time or money, and attain optimal benefits and results.

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Is your faucet making your pure water impure?
Using inferior materials for plumbing and faucets for purified water can lead to serious hardware corrosion and introduce foreign bodies to your water source, but Stainless Steel faucets will stand up to the corrosive properties of pure water.  In our quest for the best sterile techniques, we often use the purest form of water that we can get. We use processes such as reve...
Is your faucet making your pure water impure?
Preventing Warming Cabinet Failure
Preventative maintenance costs less than failure. Warming cabinets can serve multiple functions, but, in the end, they are all serving the same purpose. Whether for blankets or fluids, warming cabinets are designed to keep their contents at the desired temperature.   So, what happens when the temperature is not consistent? The bluntest answer is your IV fluids could be ...
Preventing Warming Cabinet Failure
Warming Cabinet Buyers Guide
Is your warming cabinet certified by the National Safety Commission for Warming Cabinet? Your answer will be "no" because there is no such regulatory body for the design and construction of the cabinets littered throughout healthcare facilities worldwide. As manufacturers look for competitive advantages to sell more cabinets, they are free to cut corners without oversite or regulation...
Warming Cabinet Buyers Guide