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More hospitals and clinics are turning to Stat Medical for
affordable healthcare furniture and equipment in Canada.
Serving customers since 2001, our experienced product
specialists will respond quickly and take the time to ensure
you buy the right equipment the first time. Plus, we offer
exceptional clinical understanding of your requirement to
ensure you get the most from your investment.

The most innovative solutions for
your medical and surgical equipment
and supply needs.

Stat Medical prides itself on delivering the most innovative solutions for your medical and surgical equipment and supply needs. With dozens of years of experience specifically in medical equipment, supplies and services, our experts have the clinical insight to guide you to the right solution, so you don't waste time or money, and attain optimal benefits and results.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Introducing our new Web Experience!
We are excited to announce our new online experience, designed to make it easier for you to find and get quotes on the products you need. The new quote system offers ease of use through the use of product filters while offering a modern and clean user experience. Navigating the Website Our New webpage header ensures that any page you need is not more than two or three clicks away, ...
Introducing our new Web Experience!
Stainless Steel versus Chrome
The question often arises, should we spend the money for Stainless Steel or conserve with Chrome. The information below will help you to understand the differences and why both are available   Out of all metals available, stainless steel is the strongest, has the greatest corrosion resistance, minimizes explosion hazards, and requires the least maintenance. 1. Strength―...
Stainless Steel versus Chrome
Warming Fluids and Blankets
Most Canadian Hospitals would have blanket/fluid warmers and the basic benefits of its use are obvious to us all. By providing warm blankets we are providing more than just comfort; it is a great safety measure for preventing hypothermia, surgical site infection, improving medicinal effectiveness and much more. Click the links below for educational publications. THE REALITY The unfo...
Warming Fluids and Blankets