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Canadian Health Care
Furniture & Equipment

More hospitals and clinics are turning to Stat Medical for
affordable healthcare furniture and equipment in Canada.
Serving customers since 2001, our experienced product
specialists will respond quickly and take the time to ensure
you buy the right equipment the first time. Plus, we offer
exceptional clinical understanding of your requirement to
ensure you get the most from your investment.

The most innovative solutions for
your medical and surgical equipment
and supply needs.

Stat Medical prides itself on delivering the most innovative solutions for your medical and surgical equipment and supply needs. With dozens of years of experience specifically in medical equipment, supplies and services, our experts have the clinical insight to guide you to the right solution, so you don't waste time or money, and attain optimal benefits and results.

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Laminates vs Rotational Mold in Mental Health
-Every time we fly in an airplane, we are reminded that there is a life vest beneath our chair and instructed on how to use it.  How often have you had to use it? -It is also the law that we wear our seatbelts every time we get into our cars.  How many accidents have you had this year? Preventative safety measures are part of our daily lives, regardless of the risks being low....
Laminates vs Rotational Mold in Mental Health
COVID has altered our view of what a nurse's lounge should look like and what it needs to provide. Images posted on every network, showing nurses exhausted, distressed, and needing time to recover from the pandemic of the century! Some scars will last a lifetime for the staff that battled in the front lines, doing all they could to save human lives from the cruelness of COVID 19 and the pat...
Understanding Anti-Ligature
Most healthcare professionals that specialize in mental health, will have experiences of violence etched into their memories that are hard to forget. Although most mental health patients are non-violent, there is a common theme with those that are at higher risk. They can be incredibly innovative and resourceful to achieve their desired motives. In some cases, the motive is self-harm and/or sui...
Understanding Anti-Ligature