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The New Emergency Room

The Canadian Emergency Room is a very high paced environment and constantly battling with patient wait times. 

They are also dealing with patients that should be going to their family doctor or a walk-in clinic but instead choose to come to the E.R., which fills the waiting area with low priority cases.  In recent years the concept of a "FAST TRACK" E.R. has evolved which is  specifically designed to keep patients ambulatory and reduce the length of stay.  In a space that once had two stretchers, there are now four recliners with the basic diagnostic equipment available in each station.  These stations are used to unburden the trauma rooms and keep the EMERGENCY ROOM open for the real emergencies.

In a  conducted study of the fast track ER, they found that it reduced patient stays times for all levels of triage priority but especially the low priority cases and additionally reduced the "left-without-being-seen" numbers.

This innovative model is a great way to reduce patient wait times.  The right patient recliner is key to a good set up and Stat Medical can help.