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The Hall of Broken Stretchers

Are you having trouble troubleshooting your Transmotion stretcher? No problem! Not only do we have our knowledge base resource online that provides instructional videos, how-to's and IFUS, but our tech support will gladly navigate you through troubleshooting the problem. Simply select your model of Transmotion stretcher from the page and navigate to the part you require, and you will find the part numbers, pricing and availability on our service-friendly website.  


It's all too common...Stretchers line up along the basement hall, awaiting repair instead of keeping patients moving throughout the hospital. All they need is some parts to get back in service again, but it either takes too long to source the part, or they don't know where to get it. Stat Medical Inc is committed to resolving those problems! We hate to see this equipment sitting out of service, so we have made an easy-to-navigate website to source and order the parts you need to get your equipment up and running.  


We now provide all replacement parts available for the Transmotion stretchers in Canada. Our online store is easy to navigate the specific part needed for any model and provides you with all the details required to place your order. You can even order directly online if you prefer! Additionally, we have a full suite of knowledge base articles, downloadable manuals and documents to help you facilitate the repair.   


We invite you to visit our site and save it to your favourites, as it will become a valuable resource to those who maintain and repair hospital equipment. If your hospital currently has the Transmotion product on site, we look forward to supporting you! If you cannot find the part on the website, we would be happy to source it as required.  


Stat Medical Inc is constantly growing our parts online store, and if you have a suggestion of products we could add to our service-friendly site, we would love to hear from you!