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Stainless Steel versus Chrome

The question often arises, should we spend the money for Stainless Steel or conserve with Chrome.

The information below will help you to understand the differences and why both are available


Out of all metals available, stainless steel is the strongest, has the greatest corrosion resistance, minimizes explosion hazards, and requires the least maintenance.

1. Strength―Steel, itself, as compared to other metals, is tougher. When (type 304 / 18-8SS) nickel and chrome are added to become stainless steel, it becomes tougher still, and its surface becomes denser. Moreover, its surface doesn’t chip or peel off.

2. Corrosion Resistance―Chromium, when added to steel, unites with oxygen to form an invisible surface layer. This chromium oxide surface is tough, resists most chemical attachments, and is self-renewing in the presence of air. Nickel further improves corrosion-resistance and “ductability” (i.e., workability or formability.) Nickel also makes stainless steel non-magnetic.

3. Maintenance Ease―Exposing a clean, smooth surface to the air, combined with regular cleaning, is the ONLY surface protection that stainless steel requires.

In short, if you want durability and long life, you should opt for Stainless Steel but if you are looking for low cost of Chrome, you will have a shorter life span and it will respond to harsh wash down with corrosion over time.