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Intermittent Auscultation With The Doppler

In 2002, many will remember the push towards "Intermittent Auscultation" as related to the continuous monitoring of mother and fetal wellness during delivery.  

Technology has improved and the acceptance of technological is greater today than in 2002, but the fact remains that it is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of the patient so intermittent auscultation is as relevant today as it was in 2002.
This link will take you to CNPS article about an actual event where Intermittent Auscultation was the saving grace in the courts for one nurse.

With staff shortages and more responsibilities on the nursing staff, it is so easy to revert to connecting mother to the antepartum monitor and let technology do the job.  In the event of a law suit, people are sued - not machines!  It is important to educate obstetrical caregivers on intermittent auscultation because machines cannot respond the same way humans can and ultimately make critical decisions.

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