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How To Keep Patients Ambulatory

The Canadian Hospitals have learned to think outside the box when it comes to reducing patient wait times. 

The Canadian Hospital has unique challenges that many other countries do not experience due to the fact that our healthcare is socially funded.  One of these factors is the "Lingering Patient".  There is no bill adding up to prohibitive costs for patients being treated in our hospitals and therefor there is no urgency on the part of the patient to move along after they are treated.  To this end, the stretcher is being replaced with medical recliners where ever it is feasible.  The stretcher certainly has its part and place but it could become the bottle neck for your department.

Recliners on the other hand, keep a patient in an ambulatory state of mind but also provide a simpler ingress/egress for the elderly, are mobile, and can be purchased with trendellenburg function.  Additionally you will find cost savings in the purchase and a much smaller foot print in the room.

Not every circumstance allows for this progressive thinking but many have proven the advantages.  One less bottle neck in a socially funded organization goes directly to cost reduction.

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