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Behavioural Health Furniture

It is amazing to see the evolution in Behavioural Healthcare and the progress made in recent years that encourages patients to normalise and progress quickly.

In the early 1900's the patients were often shunned in society and forced into undesirable facilities and devices, leaving them with little chance of recovery or improvement.  Through many case studies and trials, we now know that by normalising  the environment, we increase the patient's chances of improvement greatly.

In this industry there is a large safety risk for patients and staff alike and hence the reason that some of the barbaric tactics that were used in the olden days.  The dangers are still present today however, innovation has made it possible to have a pleasantly furnished room without sacrificing staff and patient safety.

Stat Medical Inc has adopted a Canadian made line of behavioural health furniture that appears very much like traditional furniture but is in fact designed with detailed concern for staff and patient safety.  Concealed and tamper proof fasteners accompanied by weighted designs that can be fastened to the walls or floor allow  this beautiful line of seating, sleeping and case goods to be used in rooms that once had leather restraints and the Utica Cribs that caged in the patient.

By keeping the decor pleasant and normal as possible, the patient not only does better during the stay but also integrates back into society after they are discharged with greater ease.  The stigma attached to psychiatric care is lessened by the fact of normalising the environment and a it becomes a more welcoming place for support persons and family.  We welcome the new Stance Behavioural Health furniture collection as a perfect choice for Mental Health Care Facilities and other psychiatric related environments.