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VR4302K-AC Refrigerated Vaccine Cart

With the approaching implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine, having a nearby refrigerated storage unit can help facilitate the vaccination of patients with minimal interruptions and increased effectiveness. The COVID-19 vaccines have a short shelf life at room temperature but Harloff’s refrigerated vaccine cart helps keep these vital inoculations at 2° C, allowing them to remain stable (once thawed) for up to five days with Pfizer vaccines and up to 30 days with Moderna vaccines (source: Pfizer/NPR). The included portable vaccine refrigerator is medical-grade lab quality, and measures 20.5” H x 15.5” W x 13.5” D with 2.4 cubic feet of space for cold storage. An additional two drawers of top storage allow you to organize syringes, gauze, masks and other supplies, or you may add Sharps or waste containers, glove box holders or additional accessories to fully equip your refrigerated vaccine cart. Other features include premium casters for optimal mobility, push handles, an antimicrobial plastic top and a hospital grade power strip with a 15 foot long cord.


  • Bemis Sharps container, 3 gallon

  • Bemis Plastic waste Container, 3 gallon

  • Triple glove box holder

  • Chart/Document holder


  Depth Width Height
VF4302K-AC 26" 37.5" 51.5"
Top Drawer Internal 17" 23" 3"
Second Drawer Internal 17" 23" 6"
Refrigerator Interal Size 13.5" 15.5" 20.5"


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