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Resilia BH Drum Table

The Resilia Drum tables are perfect for behavioral helath facilities. The Resilia series features marmoleum sides for enhanced durability and cleanability. The unique design provides a less institutional look to any environment. 


  • Custom Solid surface and powder-coat finishes

  • Custom Marmoleum finishes

  • Custom dimensions

  • Built in Power/USB receptacle


    Dimensions Height Weight
REDT20D16 Round 20"D 16" 77 lbs
REDT20D20 Round 20"D 20" 83 lbs
REDT24D16 Round 24"D 16" 87 lbs
REDT24D20 Round 24"D 20" 93 lbs
REDT30D16 Round 30"D 16" 102 lbs
REDT30D20 Round 30"D 20" 106 lbs
REDT36D16 Round 36"D 16" 144 lbs
REDT36D20 Round 36"D 20" 149 lbs
REDT24OV16 Oval 18" x 24" 16" 50 lbs
REDT24OV20 Oval 18" x 24" 20" 53 lbs


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