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L250 Lifedop doppler

The Lifedop L250 doppler is the first choice for most hospital environments.  It is the perfect blend between top quality product and affordability.  The LifeDop L250 also lends itself to a broad spectrum of capabilities in both the vascular applications and the obstetrical requirements.

The LifeDop L250 has interchangeable probes that you can choose from. Click on the link to the Lifedop probe family for the selection and explanation of its use.

The Lifedop L250 operates off of 3 AA batteries that will last up to 500 assessments.  The energy conscious doppler performs with a clarity of sound that compares to the most expensive models in the market.  This model also has the numeric display for BPM (beats per minute) for added accuracy in counting pulses or fetal heart beats.

  • Large easy to read numeric display

  • AA Alkaline battery operation

  • Made in America

  • Energy saving mode

  • Choose from a large family of probes


Weight:  0.7 lbs
Width Depth Height

Main Unit

5.5" 2.75" 1.4"




OBS Probes For Lifedop
Vasc Probes For Lifedop
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