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Decontamination Sink 2.0

The new 2.0 version has backsplash mounted faucets and air guns, plus the new optional pegboard back frame allow for deeper sink basins and more usable workspace. Available accessories for the Pegboard include an overhead light, gallon jug holders, spray bottle holders, glove box holders, brush holders, and more, offering a more organized workspace that offers a new level of efficiencies to the decontamination rooms of the MDRD, and the optional powered height-adjust base provides better ergonomics. 


  • Pre-rinse faucet
  • Mixing valve faucet
  • DI Faucet
  • Air Gun
  • Water Gun
  • Hand lever drain
  • Standard drain
  • Height adjustable base

Pegboard Back Options:

  • Overhead Light (One per Unit)
  • Gallon Jug holder
  • Spray Bottle Holder
  • Glove box holder
  • Brush Holder

The 2.0  decontamination sink comes in 3 standard sizes but can be customized to maximize your space.

    Width Depth Top Height Basin Size
PS267237-1000 Single Basin, Fixed Height 72" 26" 37" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS269637-1000 Double Basin, Fixed Height 96" 26" 37" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS2612037-1000 Triple Basin, Fixed Height 120" 26" 37" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS267235-1000 Single Basin, Height Adjustable 72" 26" 35"-42" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS269635-1000 Double Basin, Height Adjustable 96" 26" 35"-42" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS2612035-1000 Triple Basin, Height Adjustable 120" 26" 35"-42" 24"W x 17"L x 10"D
PS17A-72 Pegboard Back, Single 72" N/A 48" from top N/A
PS17A-96 Pegboard Back, Dual 96" N/A 48" from top N/A
PS17A-120 Pegboard Back, Triple 120" N/A 48" from top N/A

Power Requirements:

120 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amp GFCI protected electrical outlet, installed per local building codes, and protective earth.


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