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How To Access Doppler Repairs in Canada

The handheld doppler is essential for vascular and obstetrical assessments in most hospital departments. It is a staple instrument like the stethoscope or blood pressure cuff, used frequently and is vital to providing quality patient care. However, dopplers are delicate instruments that are easily damaged when mishandled, and Stat Medical Inc has been involved with the servicing and parts supply for dopplers since 2001 because we recognize the importance of this device and that downtime is painful.


Dopplers are relatively simple electronic devices that most Bio-Medical engineers are comfortable repairing in-house. The hold-up is always the supply and availability of parts or the limitations put on us by regulatory bodies. In recent years, most doppler manufacturers have restricted the supply of parts requiring access to the PC board. Additionally, it has not allowed service companies and third-party users to do repairs on anything that requires access to the PCB.
Stat Medical Inc has mitigated this issue by creating a replacement program for anything that falls into restricted repairs. Replacement is simply the lower cost and faster turnaround option for broken dopplers. We also stock and provide many parts that do not expose the PCB and are readily available from our online store.
Our online store will allow you to visually identify your doppler and the parts required to repair it. In addition to the parts, we also have the manuals and the IFUs linked to your device so you can complete the repair quickly and easily. Whether you need the probe, battery, charger or cable, we will have stock ready to ship to you in 24 hours.
Manufacturers not domestic in Canada will often offer factory repairs for flat rates; however, the cross-border shipping costs and time frames are not always in the best interest of Canadian Health Care. StatMedical is currently negotiating with doppler manufacturers to become the certified Canadian Service Depot with factory-trained service technicians, cutting out the cross-border hassles. We hope we can take these steps soon!
We are continuously expanding our parts offering and are interested in any suggestions for manufacturers of parts that are currently not readily available in Canada. Please let us know if we can assist you better with parts and services.

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