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Stat Medical Inc understands the cleaning regimen of healthcare environments is a fundamental intervention for infection prevention. Our products have been specifically designed for ease of cleaning and to withstand these harsh cleaning regimens. Below are cleaning recommendations for finishes provided by Stat Medical. For specific information regarding healthcare environment cleaning procedures and best practices, please refer to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Contact the material manufacturer for cleaning guidelines.
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Dust with a soft, clean cloth. It may be necessary to use a mild non- abrasive cleaner. Do not use abrasive Ammonia-based cleaners.

Wood finishes are protected by a stain-resistant precatalyzed finish. For normal cleaning, wipe the surface with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth, with a mild detergent solution. We recommend full-strength or diluted glass cleaner products since they do not cause surface smearing or haze. A few examples of alternative cleaners include: Bleach, Hi-Tor® Plus, Sani-Master, Ammonia, Sursan, Matar®, TOR® HB, Quat Disinfectant, ViroxTM, and Virex® CaviWipesTM. Avoid chemical and/or abrasive cleaning compounds. We also do not recommend using brand-name furniture polishes. While they will not damage the surface, they may cause smearing and haze. Additionally, products containing silicone or wax content should be avoided for best long-term results. Always wipe dry after cleaning.

Surfaces Dust with a soft, clean cloth. To remove fingerprints etc. scrub with a damp soapy cloth followed by a rinse with cold water. Stubborn stains can be removed with hot water and a bit of vinegar. If necessary, the following cleaning products can also be used: Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner, Professional Lysol® Disinfectant Spray, OXIVIR® TB, Virex II 256 and all-purpose hard-surface cleaner.

Dust with a soft clean cloth. Mild non-abrasive cleaners should only be used occasionally according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wipe with mild soap and water, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions of a hospital-grade cleaner.

Avoid using aggressive product cleaners. Instead, use a neutral cleaning product diluted in water. A magic eraser dipped in water can be used for removing stubborn stains.

Dust with a soft, clean cloth. To remove fingerprints etc. scrub with a damp soapy cloth followed by a rinse with cold water. Do not clean using harsh cleaners with abrasive additives. In addition, cleaning products such as bleach or those containing solvents such as lacquer thinner should be avoided.

Most spills can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a water rinse, however, stubborn soils may require the use of commercial cleaning products. A mild detergent applied with a cloth or sponge will effectively clean dirt. First, wash surface with wet applicator and thoroughly rinse from top to bottom, then wipe dry to minimize spotting. Heavier stains can be cleaned with a soft brush and cleaning solution. For the deep-scrub cleaning of tougher stains, Stat Medical Inc. recommends the use of Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach or an equivalent cleaning solution. Note: If bleach is being used, it must be diluted to prevent discoloration of the plastic. Also, never use abrasive detergents or scouring powders on plastic surfaces. 

Solid Surface Table Top: For most residues, all you need to clean your Corian® table top is warm soapy water, ammoniabased household cleaner, or a dedicated counter top cleaner found at your local grocery store. Do avoid window cleaners, however, as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Most Dirt and Residue: Use soapy water, ammonia-based cleaner (not window cleaner), rinse and wipe completely dry. Commercially available solid surface cleaners, such as Clean EnCounters® will also work well. Preventing Hard Water Marks: Rinse and wipe completely dry after cleaning; clean up spills before they dry. Removing Hard Water Marks: Use cleaner formulated for removing hard water marks, such as CLR® or Lime-A-Way®

Disinfecting: Occasionally wipe surface with diluted household bleach – 1:100 (5 Tbsp. of bleach to 1 gallon of water, as recommended by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention for disinfection of surfaces).

Remove spots, stains and spillages with a damp cloth and a neutral floor cleaner.

Use mild soap suds and lukewarm water, rinse well with water and allow to dry. Do not use harsh cleaners, solvents or detergents. For hard to clean spots use standard vinyl cleaners and soft bristle brush. To disinfect dilute disinfectants and/or germicides as specified on the product label.

*** It is recommended that all cleaners be used according to the respective manufacturer’s instructions ***