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TMM5 Plus Surgical Stretcher-Chair

The versatility of TransMotion's TMM5 PLUS Surgical Stretcher-Chair enables facilities to streamline the treatment process and surgical flow by replacing multiple pieces of equipment with a single device. Innovative, powered patient positioning helps reduce patient transfers, limiting the risk of injury to patients and staff while improving throughput. The TMM5 PLUS is a procedure chair, transport device, and stretcher all in one!

    Depth Width Height Seat Height Weight Capacity
TMM5 PLUS-B Standard 30" 30" 56"-64" 24.3"-32" 500 lbs
TMM5 PLUS-LB Low Seat 30" 30" 53"-70" 22.8"-30.5" 500 lbs
TMM5 PLUS-WB 28" Wide Seat 30" 34" 56"-64" 24.3"-32" 500 lbs
TMM5 PLUS-WTB 28" Wide Seat, Triple Column Base 30" 34" 56"-71" 23.8"-39.6" 500 lbs
TMM5 PLUS-XB X-Tilt Seat 30" 30" 56"-64" 24.3"-32.2" 500 lbs
TMM5 PLUS-XWTB X-Tilt 28" Wide Seat, Triple Column Base 30" 34" 56"-71" 23.4"-39.2" 500 lbs
Seat Height
Power Systems
Folding Footrest
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