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DSC24T-DP Tall Savary Dilator Drying Cart with HEPA

 Current guidelines require HEPA filtration and require that endoscopes be hung vertically due to the need for inner channels to drain all excess fluid after cleaning. Multiple facilities have requested a cart or cabinet to allow them to store their Savary-Gilliard® dilators vertically because they also have an internal channel. Using the industry leading design of our Scope Drying cabinets we produced a HEPA filtered Positive Pressure drying system. The HEPA filter drying removes 99.7% of particles, .03 Microns. It has a fully adjustable fan (10 to 180 minutes) set to activate each time the endoscopy dilator storage cabinet is accessed, and provides Savary dilator vertical drying for up to 24 dilators 39″in length.


  • Positive pressure fan system dries the full Savary-Gilliard dilators and other wire guided dilators

  • Fan run time from 10 to 180 minutes is fully adjustable and activated each time the dilator storage cart is closed

  • Replaceable HEPA filter removes 99.7% of particulates

  • Stores up to 24 individual dilators from 5mm to 20mm and up to 39" long

  • Scratch resistant heat sealed powder coat finish

  • 5" Tente casters

  • fully welded steel body

  • 4 Savory pull out slides holding 6 dilators each

  • 12 year warranty


Width Height Depth Weight
23.9" 51.9" 22" 97 lbs

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