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The SO 276 is the first choice for anyone concerned about safety in an IV pole.  It has the top in its class stability with the six leg base which is also weighted and finnished with premium casters.  The pole is a premium stainless steel that wont peel or rust when wiped down with the typical healthcare cleaners.

* 6 leg, 24" diameter “spider leg” design
* Base weighs 23 pounds with 3" scuff-resistant casters.
* 1" diameter stainless steel pole adjusts 50"–92" with the “no lose” friction knob.
* Standard base color is charcoal. Other base colors available upon request. (R=red, G=green, Y=yellow, B=blue)

• Optional base colors available upon request, please specify when ordering.
(R=red, G=green, Y=yellow, B=blue)

Available in 4 hook or 6 hook.