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Our Station One stainless steel tables are unique in many ways, but primarily we use square tube legs to improve the strength of the table.  Additional support is put under the surfaces to strengthen then table tops and stop them from the loud noises made when travelling down the corridors.
Custom sizes are available upon request.

  • Drop leaf ends
  • Guard railing
  • Oversize casters

PART NO. SO-501    16”WX20”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-502    16”WX30”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-503    18”WX33”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-504    20”WX36”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-505    20”WX48”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-506    24”WX36”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-507    24”WX48”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-508    24”WX60”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-509    24”WX72”LX34”H

PART NO. SO-510    16”WX20”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-511    16”WX30”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-512    18”WX33”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-513    20”WX36”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-514    20”WX48”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-515    24”WX36”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-516    24”WX48”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-517    24”WX60”LX34”H
PART NO. SO-518    24”WX72”LX34”H