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The RC1400 chair is an extremely versatile chair with a multitude of accessories to create a perfect chair for almost any requirement.  Unique to the latest model is a pressure reduction system to prevent sores and rashes. It also has drop arms that allow easy access for transfers or patient care.

The tilt-in-space function and the inclination of the backrest and the footrests contribute to optimized patient positioning. The ease of varying these adjustments helps prevents pressure points that cause rashes and sores.

  • The polyurethane covered seat is contoured for a better load distribution. In addition, it contains a composition of high-resiliency foam layers and foam gels. Now with integrated elastic bands in the back rest, the Optimum has never been so comfortable.
  • Its multiple adjustments and its four width choices facilitate positioning for most body types.
  • The Optimum is one of the few geriatric chairs that help maintain the residual autonomy of its user. The leg rest that folds under the seat, featured with the lowered version, allows transfer in assisted pivot.
  • It is possible to equip the Optimum with 24” mag wheels with brakes. This configuration makes traveling easier, especially outdoors.
  • The armrests, the paint as well as some upholstery choices contain antibacterial additives improving disinfection.


AA-03 Lowered seat 2" (5 cm)
AA-04 Seat pan for specialized cushions
AA-06 Side bolsters 1" (2.5 cm)
AA-10 PRE-CURE® PRO cushion (option AA-04 required)
AB-04 Adjustable lateral trunk support 4" (10 cm)
AB-05 Adjustable lateral trunk support 6" (15 cm)
AB-06 Adjustable shoulder support
AB-07 Cervical support
AB-08 Contoured headrest
AB-09 Adjustable tension backrest
AB-12 Adjustable structural lateral supports
AB-13 Adjustable elbow supports (pair)
AB-14-R Additional contoured and articulated headrest
AB-17-R Adjustable wings for upper section of backrest
AB-18-R Additional upper backrest
AC-01 Opaque activity tray
AC-03 Activity tray with Lexan window
AC-04 Padded tray cover
AC-07 Hemiplegic armrest
AD-01 Padded footboard cover
AD-02 Lateral leg protector
AD-03 Footboard extension 2" (5 cm)
AD-04 Elevating footrest cushion
AD-05 Extra-large footboard
AE-01 Adjustable IV pole
AE-02 Catheter drainage bag hook
RA-03 Lateral tray straps
RA-03A Wrap-around tray strap
RA-19 Universal perineal abductor kit with black fixing mat