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Stat Medical has a number of standard options for decontamination sinks however, the majority of these projects are custom built for a specific application.  Stat Medical offers complete custom stainless steel fabrication and one of our customer service team would be willing to assist you with design and building for your specific need.
We have also developed a line of height adjustable sinks for proper ergonomics and safety for those that work with the sink over prolonged periods.

  • Solid Stainless Steel designs with sound proofed reinforced tops
  • Welded construction
  • Design your own sink for a perfect fit
  • Optional integration with cabinetry
  • Full base cabinets with any door, drawer or open shelf configuration
  • Pipe stand instead of base unit
  • Multiple bowls in any combination
  • Multiple faucet options including pre-rinse
  • Air hose with 5 blowgun tips
  • DI water