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The Vista AVS is an automatic cuff inflation system for performing ABI testing.  The bi-directional probes give a visual waveform which can be printed on the on-board printer.

The Vista AVS is battery operated for portability.  The system will automatically calculate your ABI score and provide instructions while proceeding with the exam to ensure that it is performed properly.

Two models to choose from. (see features)



•Automatic cuff inflation/deflation system
• Graphic waveform display provides step-by-step ABI instructions
• An “Individual Site Mode” for customizing your exam at various arterial sites
• Automatic ABI & TBI calculation
• Built-in printer for waveforms, pressures and indexes on adhesive backed label paper

L500 adds:
• Photoplethysmography (arterial PPG) for Obtaining digit pressures
• Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) waveform modality
• Software with full-page reporting and exam storage, provides
download capability (pdf and csv fi le formats-USB interface to PC)


SD8B   Bi-directional 8 MHz peripheral

SD5B   Bi-directional 5 MHz deep