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L350 LifeDop

The Lifedop L350 doppler is a premium model.  The L350 increases the sound quality and unit size for theft deterrence.  It also lends itself to a broad spectrum of capabilities in both the vascular applications and the obstetrical requirements.

The LifeDop L350 has interchangeable probes that you can choose from. Click on the link to the Lifedop probe family for the selection and explanation of its use.

The Lifedop L350 is a rechargeable system that will last up to 500 assessments per charge.  This energy conscious doppler performs with a clarity of sound that leads the industry.  This model also has the numeric display for BPM (beats per minute) for added accuracy in counting pulses or fetal heart beats.

  • Large easy to read numeric display
  • Large base unit provides security from theft and damage
  • Larger speakers provide great volume and sound
  • Rechargable base unit
  • Made in America
  • Energy saving mode
  • Choose from a large family of probes

PART#              DESCRIPTION

SD2   2MHz late term OBSTETRICAL

SD3   3MHz early term OBSTETRICAL

SDW   2MHz water proof OBSTETRICAL

SD4   4MHz deep  VASCULAR

SD5   5MHz mid VASCULAR 

SD8   8MHz peripheral VASCULAR

STN   8MHz peripheral VASCULAR - Sterilizable