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Rarely does a recliner evoke the intense passion of patients and clinicians like the Inverness 24-Hour Treatment Recliner™. The Inverness is a superbly crafted treatment recliner with a patent pending suite of intuitive, practical and durable innovations to address patient and clinician comfort for a completely new clinical seating experience.

•  Promotes patient independence with ultra-low effort, bilateral controls
•  Supports clinician comfort with front-locking brake tabs and back relieving side table heights
•  Enhances facility efficiency with attractive, durable construction that is easy to clean

Height: 52" in. (132.08 cm.)
Maximum Height: 52" in. (132.08 cm.)
Width: 37" in. (93.98 cm.)
Maximum Width: 59" in. (149.86 cm.)
Width with Tray Down: 37" in. (93.98 cm.)
Depth: 41.5 in. (105.41 cm.)
Upright Depth: 41.5 in. (105.41 cm.)
Length: 75.5" in. (191.77 cm.)
Seat Height: 25.5" in. (64.77 cm.)
Seat Width: 26" in. (66.04 cm.)
Seat Depth: 21" in. (53.34 cm.)
Seat Back Height: 28.5" in. (72.39 cm.)
Weight Capacity: 500 lb. lbs. (226.80 kg.)