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The ImexDop CT doppler has had the leading place for quality for over 20 years.  The dual speaker doppler provides a quality that compares to no other.

The ImexDop CT has a numeric display to confirm your counted numbers but provides an audible quality that makes it the choice for any difficult doppler assessment. It is also capable of detecting both obstetrical and vascular sounds, depending on the probe that is connected to it.

The ImexDop CT comes standard with a wall mounted charging station and is the perfect solution for hospitals that experience the "walking Doppler" story.  The size helps prevent theft and damage and has been the answer to many hospitals.

  • Best all round doppler
  • Digital display for BPM/FHR
  • Obstetrical and/or vascular 
  • Includes wall mount charging station
  • theft deterrent features
  • Incredible sound clarity

PART#              DESCRIPTION

T200   2MHz late term OBSTETRICAL

T300   3MHz early term OBSTETRICAL

T2W   2MHz water proof OBSTETRICAL

T500   5MHz mid VASCULAR

T800   8MHz peripheral VASCULAR