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The Elite 100 doppler is an economical and proven technology that is used by thousands across Canada.  It is exactly the same as the Elite 200 except without the visual numeric display.  The Elite series dopplers uses broad beam technology that makes it easy to use for the professional and novice user alike.

The Elite series dopplers have a multitude of probe options for both obstetrical and vascualr applications.  Please see the probe tab for all options that work with the Elite 100.

  • 9 volt Alkaline battery operation
  • Made in America
  • Energy saving mode
  • Choose from a large family of probes

PART#              DESCRIPTION

N200   2MHz late term OBSTETRICAL 

N300   3MHz early term OBSTETRICAL 

NW20  2MHz water proof OBSTETRICAL

N500   5MHz mid VASCULAR

N800   8MHz peripheral VASCULAR