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The Connect is an incredible innovation that combines the recliner function with exam table function and additionally, safe patient handling for lateral transfers.  The height adjustable recliner lifts to a comfortable working height for the caregiver and with additional accessories can be turned into the perfect exam table. The applications and uses for this new recliner is very broad through out acute care facilities and more.  Learn more about this amazing product by viewing the video.


  • Profile tablet
  • Folding side tablet
  • Swiveling side tablet
  • Fold down arms
  • Rolling Foot tray
  • Soft grip push bar
  • Ergotron arm
  • Draingage bag holder
  • Heated seat and lumbar
  • Central locking casters
  • Straight or flared seat-back
  • IV Pole
  • Push bar
  • Paper roll dispenser
  Chair Seat
Depth 38" 21"
Depth Reclined 74" N/A
Width  34" 24"
Height 47" 18"
Weight Capacity 500 Lb. N/A


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