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The Comp-Position geriatric positioning chair requires few operating instructions and is fully adjustable to allow for maximum comfort and sore prevention. With its multiple configurations, this model alone appeals to a broad customer base.

  • With the same accessories as the Optimum, the Comp-Position comes standard with a streamlined, flexible and articulated headrest.
  • The ingenious design of the Comp-Position offers several configuration possibilities adapted to different morphologies. Its three height settings and its four width settings maximize the reassignment spectrum.
  • Two instructions are sufficient for the use of this chair. The overall tilt-in-space and inclination of the leg rest. The footrest automatically extends according to the angle of the chair. It is a wise choice for environments with very busy staff.
  • Configuring with 13-inch rear wheels and a central brake facilitates travel, particularly outdoors.
  • The armrests, the paint as well as some covering choices contain antibacterial additives facilitating disinfection.


AE-02 Catheter drainage bag hook
OA-01 1 ½" side bolsters
OA-03 Removable armrests
OA-04 PRE-CURE® PRO cushion
OA-06 Additional seat cushion
OB-02 Adjustable tension backrest
OB-03 4" (10 cm) lateral trunk support
OB-04 6" (15 cm) lateral trunk support
OB-05 Adjustable structural lateral supports
OB-06 Adjustable shoulder supports
OB-07 Gas cylinder assisted back angle adjustment 98 to 135 degrees
OB-08 Additional backrest cushion
OC-01 Opaque activity tray
OC-02 Activity tray with Lexan window
OC-03 Padded leatherette tray cover
OC-04 Hemiplegic armrest pad
OD-01 Padded leatherette footboard cover
OD-02 Lateral leg protectors
OD-03 Elevating footrest cushion
OE-01 13" wheels with central brake
OE-03 IV pole
OE-012 13" wheel side brakes
RA-03 Lateral tray straps
RA-03A Wrap-around tray strap
RA-19 Universal perineal abductor kit with black fixing mat