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Capsule is a sleek and modern upholstered lounge seating system for public spaces such as lounges, reception areas, lobbies, hallways and especially great for pediatric spaces. The Capsule system consists of five basic components which can be used as stand-alone pieces or connected to create modular seating groups. To enhance configurations, a corner seating unit, tables, and optional electrical connectivity are available.


  • Connecting brackets
  • Power data center
    • Round or Rectangular
    • 72" or 120" cord
    • Available in black or silver
  • Outside corner stitching detailing
  • Back units available as solid surface
  One Seat Bench One Seat Back Two Seat Bench Two Seat Back Wall
Depth 22" 10" 22" 10"
Width 24" 48"
Height 17" 31" 17" 31" 45"
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs N/A 525 Lbs N/A


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