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Early Diagnosis of Vascular Disease

According to Statistics Canada, heart disease and stroke are the #2 and #3 leading causes of death for Canadians.  Every seven minutes, a Canadian will die from some form of cardio vascular complications and at an amazing cost to tax payers.  The most recent figure I could find in my research was from 2000 and at that time it had a price tag of $22.2 Billion.
The cost of Canadian Healthcare is coming out of the pockets of Canadian taxpayers.  It is a huge burden on our strained healthcare system and there is something that can be done about it.


Why Sleep Chairs Matter In Hospitals

For those of you that are wondering what a sleepchair is, it is simply a comfortable chair that converts in a completely flat sleeping surface for overnight stays.  These are mostly used for the patients support person or family member and provides a 24-hour comfortable stay.

Behavioral Health Furniture

Have you checked out the new Fusion series Behavioral Health furniture on our website?
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Behavior Health Safety

If you have every walked through a dark alley at night with the unknown lurking behind each corner, you have experienced the feelings that the front lines workers in behavioral health settings are exposed to every day. It is a special person that can handle the stressful environment, deal with the abuse and come back the next day because that is their job.

Operating Room Nurse Platform

Station One proudly launches another innovative design to help improve ergonomics and safety in the operating room.  The Platform provides a larger surface for nurses to move about freely while working next the operating room table. This is more than just a standard step stool!