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Preventing Warming Cabinet Failure

Preventative maintenance costs less than failure.

Warming cabinets can serve multiple functions, but, in the end, they are all serving the same purpose. Whether for blankets or fluids, warming cabinets are designed to keep their contents at the desired temperature.  

So, what happens when the temperature is not consistent? The bluntest answer is your IV fluids could be affected, resulting in unnecessary disposal or worse, using products that no longer serve their purpose. (*1) Most medical fluids come with directions on what temperature they should be kept at and how long they should be kept in a heated environment. It is very important to closely monitor the temperature of warming cabinets when storing fluids. If the temperature rises above what is suggested or the fluid is left too long, it can result in the bag leaching into the fluid or diminishing the effectiveness. There are preventative maintenance recommendations to ensure that the fluid’s temperature remains consistent and eliminate these hazards. 

To ensure uninterrupted service, the (*2) Mac Medical Warming Cabinets manual recommends replacing your fan motors every two years regardless of whether necessary or not. Replacing these fans will save you time and money, but it also reduces the chance of affecting the fluids inside. Taking this preventative measure will reduce the possibility of your cabinet failing. The regular preventative servicing of warming cabinets will save money in the long run from much more extensive repairs and discarding any  IV fluid as a result of the cabinet malfunctioning.

The fan motor is a vital part of the warming cabinet to ensure the temperature is consistent. The fan is constantly running 24/7 and is the most likely component of the cabinet to fail. A fan failure could cost you significantly more than the component itself and additionally, increase the risks to the patients.

Stat Medical has stepped in to make the process of accessing parts to maintain your cabinets according to the manufacturer’s recommendations as easy as possible. 

All parts are now available in Canada from our online store, which includes IFUs and how-to-videos. CLICK HERE to go to our website. CLICK HERE to view our fan motors. 


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