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Best Alternative to Discontinued Natus Dopplers

We are happy to announce that the Natus Elite 100 and 200 dopplers are once again in production, and available across Canada! Contact our sales reps for details. 

With Natus announcing that they are exiting the doppler business, we know that it is important to you to find the best possible replacement when your current devices reach end-of life. The Lifedop series of dopplers offers great functionality at an even better price!

As of December 31st, 2022, all Natus dopplers will be discontinued. This includes the models Imexdop CT+, Pocketdop II and Elite series dopplers. We will continue to offer technical service, repair of these models, and provide replacement probes for up to 5 years from the original date of purchase or while supplies last. To view the remaining stock, click HERE.  

If you are wondering where to turn, I am happy to inform you that we have Canada's best-rated handheld doppler, which is sure to perform highly in any situation. The Lifedop dopplers are Canada's number one selling doppler series. Not only are they affordable, but the sound and build quality exceed any product on the market. The versatile doppler can interchange probes making the doppler suitable for any vascular or obstetrical requirement. 

In addition to the performance of the Lifedop doppler, it also has the best-in-class service record. This top-selling doppler is one of the least-seen dopplers on the repair desk. The durability of such a fragile and compact device has made a name for itself for all the right reasons. 

All Lifedop dopplers and probes are in stock for fast shipping and delivery times! 

Although a familiar brand of dopplers will be discontinued, Stat Medical will stand by our customers to ensure you receive the service parts needed to maintain your dopplers. 

Have any questions, or are you looking for a doppler? Contact us at or 866-783-4076.