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Featuring a soft carrying case with easily accessible battery, the Tote-L-Vac is a dominant player in the EMS market. Although it is compact, it provides high vacuum and flow needed for emergency applications. It accepts both 800cc and 1200cc collection canisters. Common applications include E.M.S., patient transport, home health care, surgi-centers, nursing homes, and physician's offices.

• Vacuum regulator and gauge
• Housed in a durable carrying case
• Easy to clean and process for quick turnarounds
• Compact and lightweight
• 3 year warranty

Vacuum Range: up top 550mmHg
Free Air FLow: 36 LPM
Pump: 12 VDC oil-less diaphragm type

Collection Device
Canister: disposable plastic with mechanical shutoff
Capacity:800cc standard
Tubing: 6’ disposable sterile plastic
Suction Tip: disposable Yankauer with control vent

Vacuum Regulator: rotary type on panel
Vacuum Gauge: Calibrated to 0-30”/760 mmHg
Electrical Requirements
DC: 12 volts (nominal)

Type: rechargeable sealed lead-acid
Capacity: 12 volts, 3.0 ampere-hour
Average Run Time: 30 minutes when fully charged
Charger: fast/float charger
UL/1310 listed
Charge Time: 8 hours or less to 85% charging,
depending on initial charge of
Charge Method: 110 volt outlet, or 12 VDC vehicle
outlet with optional cord

Weight: 15.5 lbs
Dimensions: 8”H x 12”W x 9.5”D