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Care-e-vac® 3 is a high-vacuum and high-flow AC/DC-powered suction unit. It provides suction wherever wall suction is unavailable. Care-e-vac 3 is packaged in a compact, durable, molded polycarbonate and ABS blended case. The unit is compact and very lightweight. It is an excellent choice for hospital code carts, patient transport and wherever battery powered suction is needed. An optional floor stand and crash cart mount are available.

• Constant suction providing 580 mmHg and 50 lpm flow at the
• Crash cart mount (optional)
• Easy to clean and process for quick turnarounds
• Compact and lightweight
• Permanently attached power cord
• 3 year warranty

Vacuum Range: 0 to 580 mmHg
Free Air FLow: 50 LPM at the pump for 60 minutes
Pump: 12 VDC oil-less diaphragm type

Collection Device
Canister: 800 cc disposable plastic with
mechanical shutoff (adjustable
bracket will accept any canister)
Capacity: Adjustable up to 1200cc standard
Tubing: 6’ disposable sterile plastic
Suction Tip: Disposable Yankauer with control
Vacuum Regulator: Rotary type on panel
Vacuum Gauge: Calibrated to 0-20”/500 mmHg
Electrical Requirements
AC: 110 Volts, 60 Hz
DC: 12 Volts (nominal)

Type: Rechargeable sealed lead-acid
Capacity: 12 Volts, 5 Ampere-Hour
Average Run Time: 60 minutes when fully charged
Charger: Integral trickle type supplied
Charge Time: 6 hours or less to 85% charging,
depending on initial charge of
battery. 8 hours to fully charge.
Charge Method: 110 Volt outlet

Weight: 10.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.5”H x 10.50”W x 8.5”D