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Proper positioning is crucial to providing the accessibility and flexibility you need at the point of care to create a truly “procedure-friendly” office. Power height, back, foot and tilt gives the Midmark 630 virtually endless movement capabilities, allowing you to position patients correctly for the most effective procedure. And, adjustable height allows you to work in a position that is comfortable to you.


Call one of our customer service representative who will be happy to assist you in outfitting a 630 exactly to your requirements.


  • Power height, back, foot and tilt
  • 450-pound patient weight capacity
  • 19" to 40" seat height adjustment (non-rotation models)
  • 22.5" to 43.5" seat height adjustment (rotation models)
  • Hand and foot control standard
  • Optional rotational base
  • Optional heated drawer
  • Optional premium upholstery
  • Large selection of accessories to choose from