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Choice of three heights Standard height elevates from 17 to 25" above the floor. Medium seat height for surgical use is 20 1/2 to 28". High seat height is 24 to 31 1/2".

Exceptional stability even in the sit-stand position. All Reliance stools feature five legs to distribute weight more evenly and to maximize stability. The stool legs also extend beyond seat's circumference to provide stability in the sit-stand position.

Mobility is provided by rugged 2 1/2" casters molded from hard rubber. Soft rubber casters may be specified as an option for use on hard floors.

Tough Finish. All exposed metal with the exception of the aluminum base is chrome-plated steel. Base and legs are finished in tough, epoxy enamel.

  • Seat diameter 15"
  • Adjusts hands free A convenient foot pedal raises or lowers the stool.
  • Seat adjustment Lock stool seat swivel by lifting foot pedal.